Wood Pidgeon

The woodpigeon is a large (38-44cm) and somewhat cumbersome bird, with blue-grey head, dark grey back and dusky-pink breast. Adults have a greeny-coloured neck with a large white patch and some white on wings. A common visitor to parks and gardens, it is often quite tame in urban areas. Often makes loud wing-claps when taking-off.

Scientific name

Columba palumbus

Did you know..

This species is flourishing in the UK, and is one of the few species that is succeeding equally well in both intensively farmed areas and our towns and cities. This is despite it being hunted widely in the British countryside, with wood pigeon still considered something of a delicacy in British cooking.

Similar species

In urban areas, the only likely similar species is the feral pigeon, which is smaller and less stocky than a wood pigeon and although highly variable in colour, does not have the pink breast accompanied by the white neck patch.

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