A relatively small (12-14cm) round bodied bird, which gives it a slightly dumpy appearance, with a slim tail. The distinguishing feature is the bright orangey-red breast, with olive-brown upperparts and pale underparts. It is often relatively tame in urban areas and will often fly a short distance away if disturbed.

Scientific name

Erithacus rubecula

Did you know..

Robins are much loved by the British public, being declared Britain’s national bird in 1960 and voted the nation’s favourite bird in 2015. However, despite their cute appearance they are fiercely territorial and will usually not tolerate other birds at bird tables and feeding stations and will sometimes fight other robins to their death in defence of their territory.

Similar species

Although other British birds have warm coloured breasts such as the pink breasts of the Chaffinch and Bullfinch, no other birds have the bright orange-red breast of the Robin.

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