Red Fox

An adult fox is a relatively large mammal, ranging in length from 50-70cm not including the tail, which is usually around 40cm long (and can be very bushy in winter). Foxes are orange-red in colour, with white fur on the end of their tails, stomach and lower muzzle and neck. Legs and the tips of their ears are black.

Scientific name

Vulpes vulpes

Did you know..

Red foxes are a member of the dog family (now the most widespread member of wild dogs in the world). Foxes are incredibly agile and they have been known to jump as high as 6.5 feet (1.98 meters).

Similar species

The only animal likely to be confused with a fox is a domesticated dog. The colour, loping run and bushy tail of foxes can usually be used to differentiate it from a dog. In urban areas in particular, foxes are often very bold and unlike most wild animals, often do not try to avoid humans.

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