Other types of True flies

There are many other families of True flies (Diptera – means ‘two wings’) than Hoverflies and these include crane flies, house flies, gnats, midges and mosquitoes. Like hoverflies they have only one wing on each side of body (other insects have two pairs, in Diptera the 2 nd pair Hindwings reduced to club-like structures). They are not as hairy as bees with very large eyes covering most of their head and some have long sucking mouthpart (proboscis).

Scientific name

non-Syrphid Diptera

Did you know..

True Flies are an ancient group and were probably among the first pollinators of early flowering plants. Although often ignored, flies can be important pollinators and there are around 7000 known species of flies known in the UK. Importantly, there would be no chocolate without flies as the cocoa tree is pollinated by midges from the fly family. Flies don’t sting but some (e.g., horse flies) can have a painful bite!

Similar species

Some can look a bit like wasps but flies have one pair of wings and wasps have two. Flies also have very large eyes compared to their head size. Also, their head is usually large compared to their body and they don’t have a clearly defined waist like wasps.

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