The Jay is a member of the Crow family and is a very colourful bird. It is fairly large at about 34-35cm in length. Jays are pinkish-brown with a black and white flecked crown, black moustache and white throat. Their wings are mostly black and white with striking blue patches. The bill is black and the legs are pink-brown. Males and females look similar. They can be found all across the UK except northern Scotland.

Scientific name

Garrulus glandarius

Did you know..

Jays are known for their intelligence. They hoarding food by burying it in the ground and can remember the hundreds of sites where their food has been hidden. They make a loud screaming calls and their scientific name comes from the latin word garrulus meaning noisy or chattering. However, the Jay is well-known for its excellent mimicry of other bird calls.

Similar species

The pinkish-brown Jay, with it’s bright blue wing patches and black moustache, is difficult to confuse with any other bird of its size.

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