Great Tit

The Great Tit is the largest UK tit growing to about 14cm. It has green and yellow plumage with a glossy black head with white cheeks with a black stripe down its front. The female is similar to that of the male except that the colours are overall duller and the bib is less black. In females and young birds the line running down the belly can be duller, narrower and sometimes broken. It is widely distributed throughout the British Isles, although rare in the Hebrides and Shetlands

Scientific name

Parus major

Did you know..

Britain’s population of Great Tits is around 2 million pairs. The Great tit has adapted well to humans and is a common bird in urban parks and gardens. They can be somewhat aggressive, beating other similar- sized birds off bird tables and feeders. Great tits are extremely vocal and can have around forty different calls.

Similar species

Great Tits could be confused with Blue tits but Blue tits have a blue cap and are smaller. They could also be confused with Coal Tits (Periparus ater ) but Coal Tits have grey backs and a white stripe on their neck. Also the black stripe down the belly is one of the ways to tell Great Tits from Coal Tits

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