European Hedgehog

An adult hedgehog is between 24-34cm in length and excluding their face are covered all over in sharp, brown spines, used to deter predators. Their faces and undersides are covered in brown fur. As with any insectivores (species that eat insects) they have relatively pointy noses. Occasionally, albino (all white) hedgehogs are found in the wild. If alarmed, hedgehogs will roll into a ball to defend themselves from predators.

Scientific name

Erinaceus europaeus

Did you know..

Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and rely heavily on hearing and smell for navigation. In search if prey or a mate, they are known to snuffle very noisily like pigs, which is thought to have earned them their ‘hog’ name.

Similar species

No other animals in Britain can be confused with the European hedgehog – if it’s prickly – it’s a hedgehog!

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