European Goldfinch

A small (12cm) brightly-coloured bird, with a red, white and black head and bright yellow patch on otherwise black wings. The rest of the body is a tawny brown colour. Like all finches, they have quite a large beak. This finch is often seen in groups, which call to each other in a high-pitched twitter. Relatively common in urban gardens, often attracted to bird-feeders.

Scientific name

Carduelis carduelis

Did you know..

Owing to their beautiful and striking appearance, Goldfinches were incredibly popular as a cage-bird in Victorian Britain, and this pursuit led their population to crash. The Society for the Protection of Birds, formed in 1889 in Didsbury, Manchester, made halting the decline of this species one if its first priorities. This society went on to be developed into the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), one of the most recognised conservation charities in Britain and beyond.

Similar species

There are no other birds in Britain that have the same distinctive colouration. The bright red face, the remaining head area in black and white and the bright yellow wing patches distinguish this species from any others.

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