Common Toad

The Common Toad is between 8-15cm in length and has bumpy or warty skin, which is usually quite dry in appearance. They have two large protuberances behind their eyes (known as the parotoid glands). Toads are usually greeny-brown in colour but some variance is known (e.g. having dark red spots). Toads usually crawl, and will often remain still if disturbed.

Scientific name

Bufo bufo

Did you know..

Toads can live as long as 40 years! To avoid being eaten they secrete a foul-tasting substance to deter predators although this does not deter some animals, such as hedgehogs.

Similar species

The only species likely to be confused with the Common Toad is the Common Frog. The presence of warty (not smooth) skin and absence of dark brown patches behind the eye should help to distinguish Common Toads from Common Frogs.

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