Blue Tit

This colourful little bird is often seen in our gardens and urban environments. It can grow to about 12cm in size. It has a greenish-blue back, blue tail and wings and white head. It can be distinguished from most other common tits by a blue cap on top of it’s head. It also has black stripe over the eyes and the bottom parts of the body are yellow. Females are slightly duller in colour than males.

Scientific name

Cyanistes caeruleus

Did you know..

Unlike humans, birds can see ultra-violet (UV) light and it has been found that the blue crown on a Blue Tit’s heads glows brightly under UV light and females actually prefer the males with the brightest crests.

Similar species

Tits but Great Tits have a glossy black head rather than a blue cap and are larger than Blue Tits.

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