Male Blackbirds live up to their name with glossy black plumage with a bright yellow/orange beak and yellow ring around their eyes. Blackbirds are sexually dimorphic, which means that the plumage of the female is completely different from that of the male. The females are brown with spots and streaks on their front. They are about 24-29cm in size.

Scientific name

Male and female; Turdus merula

Did you know..

In the winter it is estimated that there are about 10-15 million Blackbirds in the UK! It is so successful due to its adaptability, for it is equally at home in a park or suburban garden as it is in woodland. It has a beautiful song and they typically like to sing after rain!

Similar species

Blackbirds can be confused sometimes with Starlings. Young blackbirds (sometimes called juveniles) can be confused with thrushes or even robins, due to their speckled brown feathers.

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